As musical notes arising from the instrument of a musician, the magic that Ángel Blanco uses for his show’s artistic and technical creation passes through the scenes.

The shows are perfectly "orchestrated" to achieve a harmony of indescribable melodies.

With this magician you will enjoy real magic masterpieces, in which the whole world will feel touched by the art of illusion.

Pay special attention to his last show "O.S.".


O. S. are the initials of Original Soundtrack, this is the music that we listen to in the movies.

This show is about this music. We can recognize some of the more impressive music ever composed and remembered. We will walk down through the history of cinema using the magic as our personal guide. And the most important aspect is the walk through unforgettable Soundtracks.

In this new magic performance we will touch all the different genres in the celluloid and the audience will feel as if they are taking part of a real movie playing like actors of the show.

In addition to this, included in O.S. we can find the number awarded in the 44th congress of magic in Paris.

A performance … of cinema.

Timing: 1h. 10min. Approx.
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